Saturday, 20 July 2013

Fairies in a Jar : It Actually Works!

Glow in the dark Mason Jar

It's a Saturday night in. Although I love a relaxing night of movies, sweatpants, and a few too many two-bite brownies, I wanted to do something different.

mason jar glow
it actually works! safe for kids, too. 

So, why not create something pretty to look at?

This craft literally takes little to no effort at all, other than going out to buy the supplies.

I found this idea, of course, on a Pinterest link!

You will need:
-Mason Jar (available in bulk at Walmart or Target)
-Glow Sticks
-Shake Glitter (do NOT get glitter glue! Get loose, powdered glitter.)

What you need to do:
-Cut the top of a glow stick off.
-Pour (or tap bottom, if it solidifies) contents into jar.
-Shake (lots!) of glitter into the jar.
-Seal lid tight, and shake contents until liquid.

Literally, that's it!

Thanks for reading! Xo

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